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Singapore, located in South East Asia, is ranked among one of the world's most thriving nations. Singapore is world's 6th wealthiest nation in terms of GDP per capita. The country enjoys an extraordinarily open and corruption free environment. Due to the scarcity of natural resources and raw goods, Singapore has to import them. However, the revenues to purchase them are generated through, mainly, the exports of electronics and chemicals. Singapore has a strategic port and it's one of the busiest ports in the world.

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Economy of Singapore

Singapore Dollar

Fiscal Year

01 April - 31 March




$289.4 Billion


$244.6 Billion

Main Industries

electronics, chemicals,financial services, oil drilling equipment,petroleum refining,rubber processing, rubber products, ship repair,offshore platform construction, life sciences, processed food and beverages.

Export Goods

electronics machinery,electronics equipment,consumer goods,chemicals, mineral fuels,other machinery and equipment.

Import Goods

mineral fuels, chemicals,foodstuffs, machinery and equipment.